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Littleton is a Home Rule Municipality as contained in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties[5] in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is a suburb of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is the county seat of Arapahoe County[6] and the 20th most populous city in the state of Colorado. The population was 41,737 at the 2010 census.

The city of Littleton's history dates back to the 1859 Pike's Peak Gold Rush, which brought not only gold seekers, but merchants and farmers to the community. Richard Sullivan Little was an engineer from New Hampshire that made his way out west to work on irrigation systems. Little quickly fell in love with the area that is present day Littleton and brought his wife Angeline out from the East in 1862. The Littles, along with many neighbors, built the Rough and Ready Flour Mill in 1867, which provided a solid economic base in the community. By 1890, the community had grown to 245 people and the residents voted to incorporate the Town of Littleton.[7]

The Colorado Center for the Blind, a skills training program for blind teenagers and adults operated by the National Federation of the Blind, is located in Littleton. Denver Seminary is in Littleton.

Intelligent Vehicle Safety Technologies' "Desert Tortoise," a competitor in the DARPA Grand Challenge, is based in Littleton.

The city is also the site of the grave of Alferd Packer, an American prospector and the only convicted cannibal in the United States.[citation needed]

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