About this Ride

I got lucky because I got to order my 2002 Thunderbird from the factory and did not have to pay the premium up to $15,000 that others had to pay. This car is driven daily and has 95,000 miles on it. I had overheating problems that resulted in 2 coolant bottles exploding, 3 cooling fans with hydraulic clutches failed, COPs failing one after another, and numerous engine check lights when the engine overheated. The car was brought into Berge Ford 16 times, 3 times behind a tow truck. Mike Russell (Customer Relations Manager at Berge Ford) told me not to bring the car back because the noise I was reporting was air noise from the fan! Ford mechanics were unable to diagnose a sticking thermostat even after I told them that was the cause. I took the car to another dealership and demanded the thermostat be replaced and the overheating problem went away.