About this Ride

LIEUTENANT WEASEL BODY: 1945 Bren Gun Carrier ENGINE: 400 c.i. Ford V-8 CHASSIS: Triple bogie spring system TRACKS: Steel-straight bar links WEIGHT: 6,000 lbs. The "Lieutenant Weasel" monster tank was built in 1989 by utilizing a 1945 Bren Gun Carrier chassis that was originally built by FOMOCO (Ford Motor Company). The Weasel was used from 1990 through 1992 for car crushing exhibitions during the Southwest Pulling circuit shows. After a decade long hiatus, the Weasel was revived and starting making appearances in Arizona from 2010 to 2012. Now the Weasel is SouthZona Motor Sports premier display vehicle, hopefully coming to a city near you! The original equipment from Ford Motor Company during World War II was a flathead V-8 with 85 HP and a .303 Bren machine gun. Some of the tanks were also equipped with a .55 caliber anti-tank rifle as well. Currently the Weasel is boasting a 700 HP 400 c.i. Ford wedge V-8 with dual Edelbrock carburetors and nothing more than a roll cage.