Carter County Car Club

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The Carter County Car Club was founded in 1982 when a local McDonald's hosted a 'Happy Days' program and invited local 50's and 60's car owners to participate. After that event an ad was placed in the paper asking that if anyone that was interested to please call. Eight people showed up for the charter meeting at a local steakhouse. The group has over the years grown to a much larger number of car lovers. The group met for several years at the Carter County Rescue Squad building. We have at least one car show a year to raise money for a good cause. In the years past it has been for the Carter County Rescue Squad. Now all the money we raise goes to different children's charities. President: O.B. Foster Vice President: Randy Payne Treasurer: Trudy Brummit Reporter: Linda Livingston We have our meeting every last Monday of the month at East River Park Christian Church at 7:00p.m.

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1207 Broad Street
Elizabethton,TN 37643