Yellowstone Valley Mustang and Special Interest Ford Club

Makes: Ford
Models: Mustang and Special Interest Fords


The Yellowstone Valley Mustang and Special Interest Ford Club is based in Billings, Montana, although we have members who come from a wide radius around the Billings area. We cater to folks who are interested in Mustangs and Ford-powered cars. The club originated back in 1986, when a few local Mustang fans decided it was time to try again. An earlier Mustang club in Billings had disbanded some time back, but a number of die-hards knew there was definitely still an interest in the Billings area (and vicinity) for some kind of Mustang-oriented group. They posted an ad in a local newspaper, announced they were forming a new Mustang car club and invited any interested people to attend an initial meeting - in the basement of a local bank. The bonus deal was: people who attended would have a chance to meet Jim Smart, the editor of Mustang Monthly Magazine! As it turned out, quite a few interested people did show up, and just like that, the new car club was up and running. During the next month's meeting, one of the more important tasks was to decide on a name for the new organization. In an effort to help expand the horizons of the club, the members decided on the Yellowstone Valley Mustang Association, since a name like the Billings Mustang Club would almost certainly make it sound like the club was intended for local Billings car buffs only. A few years later, the membership made yet another expansive decision, and changed the name of the club to the Yellowstone Valley Mustang and Special Interest Ford Club, thereby opening its doors to owners of Ford-powered vehicles in general. Amazingly, in 1989, only three years after they had begun, the club hosted that year's International Mustang Meet; quite a feat for a club that was only three years old! Now, more than twenty years after its inception, the Yellowstone Valley Mustang & Special Interest Ford Club is still running strong. And in 2010, we once again hosted the International Mustang Meet! (What a fantastic time that was!) We still have monthly meetings, held now at the El Corral restaurant (4907 Southgate Drive) on the third Friday of each month, and visitors are certainly welcome! If you'd like, you can arrive early for dinner (at 6:00PM or so), and then hang around to catch the meeting at 7:00PM. Feel free to browse around our website, check out pictures of our members' rides, and even grab a membership application, if you'd like! We'd be glad to have you aboard!

Contact Info

PO Box 21844
Billings,MT 59104